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Hard Bargains, a new public artwork

The Hard Bargains Sculpture celebrates the historical significance of the Articles of Confederation, shines a light on York's role at a critical juncture in our nation's development, and creates an awareness of the importance and continued relevance of issues stemming from the document's creation.


Something new in the world was agreed upon in York, Pennsylvania in the fall of 1777, a step toward a model of governance in which “we the people” grant power to leaders, rather than leaders selectively exercising power from above.

Framed by an awareness of issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the artwork acknowledges the many voices and individuals who were represented, and not represented, at this historic moment in the forging of the United States from 13 separate colonies.


Seen from a distance this sculpture presents a gathering of blocks under construction, reminding us that this moment in history was a creative process (and still not finished). Seen close up one discovers expressive bronze figures, glass graphic panels, headline text posing questions, and first-person quotes from the individuals who wrote this document considered to be the first U.S. Constitution.


3d design development 
Artwork structure is 316L stainless steel in a matte finish, with full-color laminated glass graphic panels, external and internal color-tunable LED lighting, and surrounding hardscape surface.
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Location - along the Codorus Creek on the landscape of the York History Center.
animated fly through of 3d model 
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