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Options for the Hard Bargains sculpture,

for review during coronavirus quarantine work period.

Update, Spring 2020
Large scale conceptual plans are being developed for modifications to the creekbank and floodwalls, relocation of parking spaces, and increased greenspace and pedestrian access along Codorus Creek.
The intent is to locate the Hard Bargains Sculpture in the public space between the York History Center and Codorus Creek.  The Hard Bargains Sculpture group is working with stakeholders to establish an appropriate timeline for installation,
and to consider the impact of potential construction on the sculpture configuration and site location.
Amazingly w tiny people bench 3.jpg
central block column - 
typical block 18" x 18"
with small sculpture people
in the process of building
and holding it up



Narrative description of the intention behind the Hard Bargains Sculpture project:



At first sight, as the viewers approaches from a distance, the intent is to provide an experience of scale and mass that marks a feeling of significance and arouses curiosity - an invitation to move in closer and explore the sculpture.


Second is the intent to have specific historical and conceptual information revealed through a sequence of discoveries. 


This journey from the big idea, though a series of supporting ideas, is presented through visual metaphor, historical quotes, and descriptive text.


If successful, the viewer leaves with memory of one or two big ideas, and yet with questions for further exploration about the nuances of those ideas as understood in the both the revolutionary war time period, and in our contemporary context.

Oval grouping
"amazingly" tower would be located in the center 
oval group _1.jpg
35 feet
25 feet
sculpture study
of expressive shapes
each element would have an informational plaque,
( bronze or glass)
with text & images.
HB shapes 4_6_20.jpg
sculptural options 4.7.20
final forms will be fabricated from matte finish and color surface stainless steel
HB 4_7 (3).jpeg
HB shaqped bronze.png
HB 4_7(2).jpeg
HB rec bronze.png
HB shaped metal panel 2.jpeg
Hard bargains text 2.png
Hard bargains text 2.png
studies:  thinking about irregularly shaped
metal panels & more rectangular metal  and glass panels
HB shaped metal panel.jpeg
HB 4_7 (3).jpeg
Pg 1 corrected by Thomson_edited.jpg
two forms:
banded together different ideas held together, with a shared text
2 w band + plaque.jpeg
Pg 1 corrected by Thomson_edited.jpg
2 w band.jpeg
Pg 1 corrected by Thomson_edited.jpg
Pg 1 corrected by Thomson_edited.jpg
banded together, different ideas held together, separate text
CONCEPT ver 4.8    (4.29.2020)
32' diameter circular area
"amazingly" central element
surrounded by 5 independent sculpture forms with text panels and glass image pannels
18" high seats
Amazingly w tiny people bench holes
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